We could not ask for a better ending to March. The weather continues to cooperate and the fishing is amazing. I can’t wait to see what April has in store for us. The bite has been okay during the morning hours but the best bite has seemed to happen late afternoon into early evening. This may be a result of added pressure a lot of these fish are seeing.

Snook are eating the best on the bottom of the incoming or the top of the outgoing tides. Try looking for them further out on the grass flats. You will want to free line a greenback on a size 1 hook with 20 or 30lb fluorocarbon leader for the best results. If the bite slows down I have found that chumming aggressively helps.

The Redfish continue to show up in bigger numbers daily. Look along mangrove shorelines or the top of bars when the tide is high. You will want to look in potholes and the edges of bars and flats when the tide is low. Mullet schools continue to be the key when searching for the redfish. Greenbacks, shrimp, and cut bait have all produced good numbers. If using shrimp or cut bait, make sure to use a small split shot and try to keep your bait in the potholes.

So the theme continues. Trout are also holding up on the grass flats. Free lining a greenback or putting one under a cork will catch fish. We continue to see big gator trout being caught throughout Tampa Bay. Fish up to 27 in. seem to be a daily occurrence.