Tampa Bay Tarpon Charter

Tampa Bay Tarpon Fishing Guide

Every May through August we are blessed with the arrival of Tarpon (aka the silver king). This is one fish that I believe every fisherman should battle at least once in their life. The anticipation of hooking into one of these fish will put a smile on your face as they roll all around the boat. To see a 4-6 foot fish that weighs almost as much as you do jumping 6 feet in the air while fighting against you is absolutely breathtaking! The average Tarpon we catch is usually over 130lbs. I will run most of my Tarpon charters out of St. Petersburg. The Tarpon will be traveling up and down our beaches.

We will also fish for them in the passes and bridges. Tarpon will eat almost anything you throw at them. So we may fish with live threadfins, crabs, or cut bait. Once we land the fish, I will bring him up alongside of the boat for a picture. The law forbids us from taking the Tarpon all the way out of the water. If I can stress only one thing when tarpon fishing, it is to bow to the Tarpon when he jumps.

The best way for me to explain it is to point the fishing rod at the fish when he jumps. I can usually tell when he is going to jump so I will be able to coach you on this. Pointing the fishing rod at the Tarpon will allow slack in the line. If there is too much tension on the line it has a chance of breaking. This is truly a once in a lifetime experience!