Tampa Bay Snook Charter

Kailey-with-a-Tampa-Bay-SnookWe are able to target Snook year round in the Tampa Bay area. They will move up into our rivers and canals in the winter time. Spring and fall are the best times to target them on the inshore flats. While you can catch them on the inshore flats in the summer time, most of the big breeders move to our beaches and passes to spawn.

On most of my charters, we will be using live scaled sardines to catch them. If the bite is tough, then I will cut up a piece of pinfish, ladyfish, or scaled sardine and let it lay on the bottom. I have caught plenty of big Snook using this technique. Snook also can be caught on artificial baits. A topwater lure first thing in the morning is hard for them to resist. Otherwise I will use a soft plastic swimbait on an eighth ounce jig head.

Snook season is closed for harvest December 1st through the end of February and May 1st through August 31st. They have a slot limit of 28 to 33 inches and you can keep 1 per person per day. We can still target them during these months but we will have let them go. Keeping Snook requires that you have a Fishing license and also a Snook stamp. This is provided for you during the Fishing Charter.

You do want to take precautions when handling a Snook. They have very sharp gill plates that can cut you if not handled properly. I am happy to instruct you on how to hold them safely.