Tampa Bay Redfish Charter

Fishing in Tampa Bay on my guided charter catching RedfishYou can catch Redfish most of the year in Tampa Bay, St. Petersburg and Clearwater.  March, April, August, September and October will bring in the big breeder schools. Fishing for Redfish during these months can bring non-stop action.

I will use all kinds of bait when fishing for Redfish. I will usually start with live scaled sardines. If that does not get their attention, then I will move to cut bait. Cut pinfish, ladyfish, mullet, or threadfins work great. Really anything that gives off a strong scent. Redfish are mostly bottom feeders. This is where the term “tailing Redfish” comes from. They are always foraging in the sand and grass looking for food. If you are looking to use artificial bait, then I would recommend using a gold spoon or a soft plastic bounced off the bottom.

There is no closed season for Redfish but there are regulations on them. You are only allowed to keep one per person in my region and they have to be between 18 and 27 inches.