Tampa Bay Kingfish Charter

Kingfish Guide in TampaTwo times each year we are visited by migrating Kingfish. They usually show up in May and stick around for most of the summer. They will also show up in October and stay until our first major cold front. When they are here, I will always let my charters know in case they want to target something they have never caught before.

Kingfish are notorious for screaming off 300 yards of line before you can blink. This is what makes them so exciting to catch. I use light tackle on my charters to make it more fun. There are 2 ways to target them. A lot of people will troll Kingfish spoons or live bait over the hard bottom in the Gulf. I personally like to anchor up and bring the Kingfish to me. I will chum the water with a lot of live bait. This will usually result in Kingfish sky rocketing all around the boat. It doesn’t take long after that to hook up.

You can expect to catch Kingfish anywhere from 15 to 40lbs. You are allowed to keep 2 per person per day and they have to be a length of 24 inches to the fork on the tail.