If you can take the heat and dodge the rain storms, get out in St. Petersburg or Tampa Bay and you’re sure to catch a lot of fish. Are you looking to catch a line-dragging, never-give-up-the-fight kind of fish? Then redfish, one of the best fighters out there, is your species. On high tide, big schools are holding closer to the shorelines and mangroves. When the tide goes out, look for them anywhere from 50 to 100 yards off the shoreline. The bait is abundant and the fish are eating everything in their path. Cast live scaled sardines into the school. When the tide goes out, the fish tend to get more skittish in the skinny water. Cast out a piece of cut bait and let it sit. They have a great sense of smell and will find it. Mangrove snapper continue to be a good target. They are all over the bridges and are great table fare. The best results have come with a Carolina rig with just enough weight to get it to the bottom. Remember to adjust your weight and tide starts to move faster. The grass flats are covered with perfect-sized snapper bait. Shrimp work just as well.