We finally have a beautiful weekend in store for us. Air and water temperature are going to be lower and no humidity. Fishing should be on fire coming off this super moon. The cooler water temperatures will make the fish really want to eat.

Schooling Redfish continue to be all over the place. Ft. Desoto, Joe’s Island, Weedon Island and the upper bay around the Courtney Campbell have numerous schools. They have been pretty easy to find on the lower tides. Their tails are up in the air while forging through the grass. Chumming heavily with scaled sardines has really gotten their attention. Free line a scaled sardine into the school and hold on. Each school is different; one school may be over the slot limit and another will have all slot Redfish.

The best part of the cooler water temperature is that it makes the Snook want to eat. A lot of the slot fish have been caught on the flats in sand holes. Are you looking for a lot of Snook action, then fish near the mangrove lines. Chum the water with scaled sardines to really get them active.

Spanish Mackerel, Bonita, and a few King Mackerel action can be had just off the beaches. Are you not a big fan of trolling? Then anchor up and saturate the water with scaled sardines. This will bring the fish to you. It also allows you to use smaller tackle.