Summer is in full swing, so avoid the midday heat. Whether it is tarpon, snook, redfish, Spanish mackerel, mangrove snapper or sharks, August is exploding with action. Bait is all over the bay and entices many predators into a feeding frenzy. Be prepared to lose some bait in your live well. The water temperature is in the upper 80s, and the oxygen level is getting low in some fishing spots. The bay and beaches are holding a lot of Spanish mackerel and bluefish. Look for the bait balls and you will find the fish. Mackerel can also be caught by anchoring up around range markers and throwing out a chum bag. If you are looking for a little bit bigger species, bull and blacktip sharks can be found in the same location. Cut up a mackerel and put it out on your bigger gear. Mangrove snapper are still all over the markers and any bottom that has structure. Use the lightest gear possible. Small white bait and shrimp are the baits of choice. Nice schools of redfish have been roaming around Weedon Island. They are holding in the deeper troths. Patience is the key with these fish. If live bait is not working, try cut bait. Both are producing good numbers.